What a Crazy Week: On How I Thought We’d Elect The First Woman US President But Didn’t

Me on my first day in Kathmandu, Nepal…one of the highlights of my year.

The way the week started is definitely not the way it ended.

Like millions of other Americans I was excited about the prospect of electing the first woman President. I think so many people assumed Hillary would simply win, but as we found out that wasn’t the case. Our vote was not only for the first woman who could hold the office, but against all of the racist rhetoric her opponent spewed for over a year.

Now, we can only sit back and see how Trump treats those who don’t look or think like him or his family or the throngs of Americans who wholeheartedly voted for him.

Only time will tell! 

On a brighter note, I have been much more intentional about my days and how I fill them. This week was especially productive. That is always a great sign when the holidays are coming up.

I have some fun projects and travel in the pipeline and am excited about 2017. As I get older I believe in doing more with the time I have left on earth. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow so making sure I do those things that frighten me and enrich my life and career are important to me.



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