Books on Books on Books

Book of the Month Club books. Get a free month when you join for only $1 if you sign up at this link. I’ll also receive a free book. 

One of my new year’s resolutions was to read more books! That is books that I can hold in my hands and flip pages. Reading, I’ve learned over the years, helps me to slow down my mind. That is always something I am striving for. I need to slow down more. That is certain.

Around the holidays I tend to take a few weeks off, but not really. I’m still always checking my email and social media. It’s a disease. But regular reading is a practice that is allowing me to thrive and to center myself if only for a short period.

Some people meditate and I truly believe in that, too. While I can’t meditate as easily as I can zip through a book, I do often find myself listening to affirmations on SoundCloud. Those also help tremendously.

The last book I finished (this week in fact) really pulled me in. Pull Me Under by Kelly Luce is about a young Japanese woman with a bloody past who runs from her home country to the United States to start a new life. There is so much introspective from the protagonist in Pull Me Under that we journey alongside her as she navigates her world coming to terms with people who have wronged her and the people she hs wronged. I highly recommend it.

When I decided to read more books this year I also decided that I did not want to have to search out the best ones to read every month, so I joined the Book of the Month club. I had been a member years before, but had stopped my membership when I got too busy to keep up with declining books every month. In those days, if you didn’t want to pay for your monthly book, you had to send back a card saying you didn’t want it. It was such a tedious process, but now they revolutionized their system.

Now, you pay beforehand for books you want and then you can choose online each month the book you would like to read. It’s so much easier to be a member and also so much easier to find great books. The Book of the Month Club has full-time book editors as well as guest editors each month who recommend books.

It’s been fun so far. I have been a member for five months now.

If you would like to start getting monthly books to read, you can join the Book of the Month Club for $1 for your first month. If you join, I’ll receive a free book. Great reading all around!

Happy reading.


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