Video: My Second Face-Face With a Giraffe


When I was in Los Angeles earlier this year it marked the second time I’ve been really close to a giraffe.  I timidly fed the world famous Stanley the Giraffe who has been seen in countless commercials and now works at the Malibu Wine Safaris. Judging from his very own Instagram page, I think he gets fed a lot and people take selfies when Stanley incessantly.

Giraffes are absolutely beautiful and magical and wondrous. I am happy to have been close to them in both California and in South Africa. I also saw a giraffe in its natural habitat while driving through a Zambian nature reserve. I remember looking at it in awe and then snatching up my camera to photograph it for my memories.

I want giraffes to be around for a very long time. As we all know, giraffes’ habitat is quickly eroding in Africa and we all can do something to save them.


_DSC5527 (1)
Giraffe I saw in Zambia. 


I searched for ways online that we can protect giraffes and came across on Google just now. They seem to be doing amazing work. Giraffes need our support. I’m supporting them.

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