A Beautiful River Day


When a gorgeous, sunny day comes around and the humidity isn’t as soul-sucking, there’s nothing like spending a day at the lake gazing at the river and walking the trails.

We took a little time out to spend some time at one of my favorite parks in North Carolina on the Catawba River. I still can’t swim, which is ridiculous at 42, so we weren’t able to rent a canoe and get out on the water. Learning to swim is one of my goals this summer. It’s yet another one of those things that I have put off my entire adult life but is now creeping up suddenly as something I can’t let slip any longer. I’d liken it to when women get older and haven’t had children, but their body and mind desperately wants one. I want to learn to swim – finally. It’s time!

Despite not being able to swim, the day was gorgeous nevertheless just being outside and around nature with all the animals and critters. We’ll be going again very soon and exploring all of the local greenways.


And, since I joined Coca-Cola last year at Carson National Forest in New Mexico, it’s now my plan to visit one in North Carolina. We can’t wait to do a scenic drive through Pisgah National Forest. We would try to hike a bit, but ummm…black bears, so we’ll pass and stay in the car.

It’s going to be an awesome summer!

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