Work With Me

I currently serve as a new media strategist and consultant to individuals, small companies, and large brands and frequently connect mom blogger influencers with brands in a way that’s a win-win for everyone. I also work as an ambassador for brands I believe in and frequently travel to blogger events to learn about new campaigns and products geared to moms and families.

As a veteran of creating successful niche sites for the mom community since 2003, being a member of the mom blogging community since 2004, and tweeting since 2007, I offer valuable insights on best practices to reach moms who blog, especially as blogging and social media change consistently.

Tweak Your Outreach Consulting

Reaching moms who blog may seem like a simple task, but when done inconsistently and poorly, results wane. You want to hit your outreach out the box every time. I work with brands on ways to tweak their outreach for effective and successful results.

Niche Networks, Custom Campaigns

Through my various niche social networks and sites, I work with brands to create and execute campaigns geared to mom bloggers, gamer moms, and mummy bloggers in the UK.  I work with Fortune 100 companies to start-ups on custom campaigns for niche demographics in the mom space.


Product and campaign launch events geared to moms always pique my interest. If you’re throwing a corporate event and it appeals to my readership I am always happy to receive your invitation.


I have spoken at major blogging conferences such as at SXSW, Blogworld, Blogher, Blissdom, Blogalicious, and Type-A Mom about community building and professional blogging and was tapped to speak about pitching to bloggers at MAGNET Global’s 2010 Social Media seminar.

I am available to speak at conferences and private events specifically about effectively working with mom bloggers or generally how to best use social media platforms and tools for optimal brand outreach.

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>>PHOTO CREDIT: Grains Food Foundation. Me speaking with Amy Oztan of Selfish Mom at #breadart event in New York City.

>> PHOTO CREDIT: Lexus. Me looking into a Lexus to learn more about booster seat safety at #camplexus in Pasadena.