A Review: W Hotels in Atlanta and Times Square

I have been traveling a lot lately. Quite literally my family and I bounced from Atlanta to DC to New York all within a span of a week, but I must say we had a fantastic time together as a family despite all the heavy travel.

In Atlanta and New York we stayed at the W Hotel in midtown and W Hotel in Times Square respectively. The first time I stayed at a W Hotel was in Chicago at its Lakeshore property a few years ago and I loved it! With the fabulous Chicago location deeply burned in my memory the Atlanta and Times Square locations didn’t disappoint.

W Midtown Atlanta

Blogalicious 2009 was held at the midtown Atlanta W so I was familiar with the hotel but I didn’t stay there and had not seen the rooms. The room was much like I experienced in Chicago except it was much more Atlanta-like with darker colors and a much bigger minibar!  There was wine and large bottles of spirits on top of the desk in addition to your run-of-the-mill minibar beverages in the frig. I couldn’t help but think, “Wow! Their guests must drink a lot!” Granted, I haven’t been to the W in Chicago for some time but I don’t remember a minibar that was so stocked.

As is the case with all W hotels the bathroom was really the standout feature. I adored their bathroom and, of course, the Bliss products.

We enjoyed our view at the W Midtown and we also loved that we were just a short walk to Atlanta’s popular Piedmont park. The only things I didn’t like about the W Midtown was the room service options weren’t that great and the “Whatever Whenever” service was lacking. I think that’s because a big music conference was happening the same weekend we were there, so I definitely cut the staff some slack.

W Times Square

A few days later we checked into the glitzy W Times Square and we were extremely pleased by the look of the hotel. Oftentimes Times Square hotels can be very run down and worn out, but you could immediately tell that the W Times Square is well taken care of. I appreciate that because I love staying anywhere near Times Square. Can’t you tell I’m a giddy tourist?

I loved the decor in the W Times Square better than the property in Atlanta. The muted browns and fuschias really worked for me as well as the large abstract paintings on the wall. Plus, the room service options were phenomenal and tasted divine.

I also loved the lounge chair that looked out onto Times Square, even if I could only see a sliver of it between the buildings.

On the main level of the W Times Square is the Blue Fin restaurant that serves magnificent seafood and sushi that you can also order for in-room dining. The food was delicious, but also very expensive. But what would you expect for New York?

While I love Kimpton hotels for their individual charm, I love the W hotels chain for its luxury.

Save Before Your Book: We got some surprisingly great rates at both locations. Be sure to compare rates at the major travel Web sites – Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com, and Priceline. And, also look at the hotel web sites to find current deals.

Kimpton’s Topaz Hotel in Washington, DC

I have written before about how much I adore Kimpton hotels. I think it’s their customer service coupled with the uniqueness of each of their properties.

Last week I stayed in yet another Kimpton hotel, the Topaz Hotel in Washington, DC. In fact, it is my dream to visit all of the Kimpton hotels around the country.

Upon arriving at the Topaz I immediately noticed the surrounding neighborhood. If there is another thing I love about Kimpton hotels it’s that they are located in offbeat places. In Washington, DC they are in quaint neighborhoods, which I absolutely love!

The front desk clerks were both extremely helpful and accommodating and made sure we were set for the night. When we walked into our room I instantly fell in love…another delightful Kimpton hotel room.

Whenever I visit new hotels the first thing I always do is check out the bathroom. I’m picky like that. I was extremely pleased with the bathroom at the Topaz. It was very clean and also full of details. I loved the above counter sink and blue wallpaper.

The rest of the room was equally as charming.

The only thing I didn’t quite like at the Topaz was the striped walls. They just didn’t cut it for me, but everything else was wonderful.

On the Net: www.kimptonhotels.com

My Undying Love for Kimpton Hotels

I stayed at my very first Kimpton hotel, the Hotel Palomar in Washington, DC, in February and ever since then I have been hooked on not only the style of Kimpton hotels, but the service. I love being in quaint, stylish spaces when I travel. Kimpton gives me this and so much more including luxury and a feeling of being in a trendy hot spot. I love that.

Just before my trip to Kenya with ONE  my family and I took a quick trip to Washington, DC and we stayed at Kimpton’s Hotel Madera in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. We loved it! Not only was it, again, quaint and stylish, it also had delicious room service fare (hard to find these days) and cardio rooms.

In our room was a small alcove where a treadmill sat along with a television on the wall and a fan. It was sheer perfection! I hate having to go to hotel gyms, but when a treadmill is conveniently in my room you better believe I will use it. My husband and I both took early Sunday morning jogs right in our room and felt fantastic for the rest of the day. I love that. The cardio rooms do cost more but I believe the cost is well worth it.

I can’t wait to stay at even more Kimpton hotels! I already have my eyes set on Hotel Monaco the next time I am in San Francisco and the Hotel Burnham during my next stay in Chicago.